Infections after surgical procedures for articular prostheses and trauma devices can cause pain, poor wound healing, need for further treatment including antibiotics, longer hospital stays, and increased health care costs. Postoperative infections may cause severe problems, including failure of the implant, other surgical complications, sepsis, organ failure, and even death.

Ways to try to prevent these types of infections include giving antibiotics before a procedure; using an antiseptic solution to ``prep`` the area around a surgical incision; maintaining sterility of the surgical area and operating tools; and having operating room staff wear clean scrub clothes, hats, and masks.



Sterify Cleanse is an aqueous bactericidal and anti-biofilm solution that can be used to treat prosthesis surfaces prior to implantation. Antimicrobial activity is provided by the presence of bacteriocins and polyphenols. Adhesiveness to the surface is given by the presence of low molecular weight polymers. Its formulation allows the implantation of the prosthesis safely and helps the regeneration of the surrounding tissue.


Sterify Cleanse solution is supplied inside a sterile bag that can accommodate any prosthesis before implantation. It is stored at room temperature and is ready to use. it is effective against both Gram + and Gram - bacteria, it also inhibits the formation of biofilms, which are very dangerous for bacterial virulence. .

Sterify Skills

Broad antibacterial spectrum

Doesn't create resistance

Promotes tissue regeneration

Stable at room temperature